A Series of Found Objects

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Discards & Discovery is a series of 30″ x 30″ oil paintings in progress inspired by found objects. The statement below is an attempt to justify the pile of stuff that I refuse to get rid of.

I paint what I find. I’m the person that buys a rusted hinge because of its frozen shape or carries home a stone because of its feel in my hand. They are the mere beginnings of ideas, hints of themes to be explored.

Once home in my studio the collected things and discards sit. And there they remain until something unrelated and unbidden reminds me of an object found days or years before. The trigger could be anything, an unusual texture, a familiar silhouette — something draws a connection between two completely different objects. And when paired together, it’s precisely those differences that emphasize a commonality or bring new meaning that invites interpretation. When people recognize why disparate things have been put together, there is a connection there too. And when they see something else, something that’s personal to them, there is discovery as well.

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