"Lou" by Brian McClear | Ink & Oil

Lou — The Guardian: “Each tattoo relates to a significant life changing event or achievement in my life, and each has its own meaning for me. The tattoos are a visible representation of the chrysalis, the change, a representation of how even though an experience may be painful or difficult, something beautiful and meaningful comes through in the end. It is an outward sign of survival and growth.” —Lou L.

Ink & Oil is a series of portraits in progress inspired by people and their art. Once relegated to sailors, combat veterans, and the counter culture, tattoos have become ubiquitous. Whether to commemorate a life event, to satisfy an impulse, to make a bold statement, or as a private talisman, … Read More

medium: oil on canvas
size: 30″x 40″
status: available, inquire below


Nov 1 – Nov 30, 2023
Ink & Oil | Solo Exhibition — Barnes-Franklin Gallery, TCC, Farmington, CT

Jul 20 – Jul 31, 2022
Juxtapositions, Portraits & Puns | Solo Exhibition — Five Points Annex Gallery, CT

Jun 1 – Jun 29, 2021
Selected Works | Solo Exhibition — Saltbox Gallery, W. Hartford, CT

Jul 14 – Jul 27
Selected Works | Solo Exhibition — Five Points Annex Gallery, CT

Dec 29 – Jan 28, 2020
Selected Works | Solo Exhibition — Tisanes, Hartford, CT

May 17 – June 29, 2019
Beyond Surface | Solo Exhibition — Artwalk, Hartford, CT

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